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What we are learning at the moment

What we are learning at the moment




Our English lessons are driven high quality reading texts and are designed above all to inspire a life-long love of reading and writing. Where appropriate, pupils continue to receive targeted phonics support to help with word recognition and decoding skills following the Read Write Inc. scheme.


The Big Blue Whale and This Morning I Met a Whale


We started our Spring term thinking all about whales! Our main text was a fantastic piece of non-fiction called The Big Blue Whale, and alongside this we read Michael Morphurgo's moving novel This Morning I Met a Whale. Ash Class are whale experts and learnt all kinds of interesting facts about whales! For example, did you know that a blue whale's heart is as big as a car? Or that its tail can be as wide as an airplane's wings? The students made podcasts to share some of the things they had discovered about these incredible creatures.


But we also learned about some of the dangers that whales face, most of which have been caused by people. At the end of the unit, Ash Class produced some incredible leaflets to persuade people to think about how changes to their behaviour can help protect whales.


Escape from Pompeii


In the second half of the Spring we are diving back into the distant past to learn all about the eruption of Pompeii in Ancient Rome.




In Mathematics we have spent the first half of the Spring term working on multiplication and division, using our 3, 4 and 8 times tables. This includes using formal written methods: column formation multiplication and short division. We have also been using these skills to solve problems and puzzles.


In the second half of the Spring term we are moving on to look at fractions and measurements.




We have some fantastic scientific brains in Ash Class! So far this year we have been learning about forces and magnets, light and shadows, and rocks and fossils.


In the second half of the Spring term we are looking at plants and learning more about what each part of a plant does.


Foundation subjects


Our topic for this term is the British Isles. We are learning all about the different countries and islands that make up the British Isles, looking at rural and urban environments and thinking about how areas have changed over time. We have been looking at different kinds of maps and thinking about what information they can give us.


In Art we looked at portraits depicting more than one person. We thought about what we can tell from looking at the body language of people in still images and what clues that might give us about their relationship. We experimented with different techniques like shadow, tone and stippling to produce our own stunning portraits of two people.


In DT we will be looking this term at packaging, building up to designing our own packaging for an imaginary product. To do this we will carefully examine what makes existing packaging good, and think critically about how we might improve it.


In Spanish we have been continuing to learn how to describe the world around us, from classroom objects and colours to pets.


In Music we have been looking at the music of Bob Marley, jumping off from the beautiful Three Little Birds! As Bob says, 'every little thing is gonna be alright!'