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Design and Technology

“Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet.”
Douglas Adams

Design and Technology offers our children the chance to see their imagination and ingenuity realised in the world and to understand what they are capable of. As they grow, the skills and knowledge they develop through DT will help them in their everyday lives, including a solid understanding of nutrition and key cooking skills, and will support them in confidently participating in an increasingly technological world.

DT makes it possible for our children to step into a myriad of roles: architect, fashion designer, chef, engineer, electrician, planner. They will learn about the ways our everyday life has been shaped by design choices and technological advances, thinking in detail about how things around them work, and be inspired by real-life examples of the designers and creators responsible. They will build a repertoire of functional practical and technical skills for creating a diverse range of products and will experiment with a range of materials to explore their properties. They will be given exciting and stimulating design scenarios which will require them to design and create functional products for specific users using what they have learned.

Crucially, by experiencing design and creation as an iterative process, our children will also build resilience and self-belief: we experiment, learn from our mistakes, go back to the drawing board, start afresh, adapt as we go and never give up.



Smoothie bike challenge!

Year 6 cooking and adapting a recipe. Cross curricular DT/Humanities/Maths

Designing a bath bomb to sell at the Summer fayre. Year 5 trip to Broadgreen International