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Let's Celebrate!

Here we will add our pupil of the week each week, these are in reverse date order from the most recent. We love sharing our efforts and achievements, and take pride in what we do. 


Pupil of the week:


28th May - Yousef Karimi

21st May - Jayden Wang

14th May - Samira Strungaru

7th May - Ridhani Kantharajan

30th April - Kayden Martindale

23rd April - Amelia Grocott

16th April - Jayden Wang 

26th March - Louie Taylor

19th March - Konstantinos Stamos Oka

12th March - Myla Navarro 


5th March -

School Learner: Louie Taylor for being very creative.

Home Learner: All our home learners for working very hard during lockdown. 


26th February -

School Learner: Louie Taylor for working really hard and using his phonics to make a shopping list. 
Home Learner: Sama Saeed for consistently trying her best.


12th February -

Home Learner: All our home learners for all of their continued hard work during lockdown.

School Learner: Florence Schumacher for brilliant use of phonics in her writing.


5th February - 

School Learner: Joseph Hannah for following school rules well and encouraging others to do the same.

Home Learner: Myla Navarro for a lovely range of home learning.


29th January -

School Learner: Freddie Lindsay for using his phonics to make an excellent lost penguin poster.

Home Learner: Sophia Nelson for trying really hard with her phonics to write a lovely list.


18th December - Elm Class

11th December - Ellis

4th December - Samira 

27th November - Dollci

20th November - Louie

13th November - Yousef

6th November - Kyla Jay

22nd October - Toby

16th October - Kayden

9th October - Florence


Writer of the Week:


11th December - Yousef, for fabulous letter formation in his independent writing.

4th December - Florence, for writing a lovely Christmas list. 

27th November - Kayden, for excellent use of phonics and beautiful handwriting in his adult led writing.

20th November - Kyla Jay, for a fantastic sentence using her phonics.

13th November - Sama, for beautiful independent handwriting practice.



Reader of the Week:


11th December - Kayden for amazing 'Fred talk' and blending to read in phonics.

4th December - Kyla Jay for excellent phonics work.

27th November - Joseph, for excellent reading of his phonics sounds. 

20th November - Myla, for super participation in a class story.

13th November - Jayden, for independently enjoying a new story.