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Attendance and Punctuality

We believe that excellent attendance at school links directly to good levels of attainment and great progress. We fully appreciate that there will be occasions that, due to ill health or specific situations, it will not be possible for your child to attend school and would ask in these circumstances that you contact the school as soon as possible if your child is unable to attend school.

Please call school on the telephone number (0151) 259 4065. Alternatively you can email school using the email address:

The Department for Education requires us to monitor and publish unauthorised absence figures. It is important to report all absence to the school to ensure monitoring procedures are correct. 

Miss Weston has responsibility for monitoring attendance and works closely with our Educational Welfare Officer Cath Breen. Please contact Miss Weston if you have queries or questions about your child's attendance. 


Week ending 13th March 2020


1. Year 3:              98%

2. Year 5:              98%

3. Nursery:           96%

4. Year 6:              96%

5. Year 4:              96%

6. Reception:       93%

7. Year 1:              93%

8. Year 2:              90%






Percentage of pupils who were 'In the Line by 9' every day for the duration of our latest Punctuality Scheme:

1. Year 4:             58%

2. Year 5/6:          52%

3. Year 3:             52%

4. Reception:      42%

5. Year 2:             42%

6. Nursery:          13%

7. Year 1:             13%


Congratulations to Year 4 who did the best this term, although all classes are capable of MUCH better!