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School Council 2017-2018

Dovecot's School Council are a hard working team of dedicated children. The School Council are very busy and pride themselves on making a positive impact in school. We meet on a fortnightly basis and carry out tasks in between meetings.
We have one Council member per class from Year 2 to Year 6.
Check out this area to find out about School Council meetings, along with current projects.


 If you have any ideas for the School Council, look for a representative who will be happy to bring ideas forward to the next meeting!


This year's elected School Council

Year 2 - Aiden

Year 3 - Grace

Year 4 - Matylda

Year 5 - Thomas

Year 6 - Libby


Our latest 'Keeping Safe' questionnaire

As you can see from our latest questionnaire, more children feel happier in school than they did in November 2017, and more children feel safe.

Lots more children feel that they behave well themselves, and lots more feel that others behave well too.

We are pleased that more children think that others are friendly towards them.

The School Council are now thinking of ways to work with everyone in school to keep improving things to ensure that everyone feels safe and happy at Dovecot Primary School.