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Dovecot Primary School

Learning together, growing together


Curriculum Intent Statement




Our curriculum is linked to our core values and principles which underpins our school ethos and moto of ‘learning together, growing together’. As a school we serve and celebrate the diversity of the community and welcome all to our vibrant and inclusive environment.


At Dovecot Primary School the curriculum is designed to be exciting, challenging, inclusive and rich in cultural capital founded in knowledge that broadens children’s horizons as far as possible. Children explore British Values and understand their personal role in applying these in their own lives. The mental health and wellbeing of our school community is a priority, our children and their families are well supported through effective home/school relationships in partnership with the wider community and stakeholders. 


We provide our children with rich first-hand learning experiences, develop interpersonal skills, build resilience and well-being and help them to become independent, confident lifelong learners. Children are encouraged to follow their dreams and leave our school with a sense of belonging and high aspirations for their future


Our curriculum has language acquisition and development at the heart. Children build on prior learning, which allows opportunities for them to revisit and apply knowledge and skills leading to secure retention of key learning. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum which supports children in developing their love of learning, this helps them make connections across all areas of learning, promotes creativity and physical and mental wellbeing.




Our bespoke curriculum follows the National Curriculum and is carefully planned and sequenced to ensure knowledge and skills are taught in a logical progression and build towards clearly defined milestones. ensuring children learn and remember key learning concepts.


We deliver a creative topic based (Foundation) curriculum. We take a holistic approach to learning, integrating children’s interests, whilst at the same time ensuring the development of specific subject skills and knowledge. Learning is enhanced by a range of carefully planned educational visits, themed days and visitors. We use a range of teaching strategies that take into account the ways in which children learn in order to foster engagement, motivation and creativity.



Teaching in Dovecot Primary School puts children at the heart of learning and staff have high expectations of pupil’s levels of engagement and standards of work. We effectively use digital learning platforms to challenge and support children and to meet their individual needs.


Interactive, creative lessons allow children to demonstrate learning and staff to observe them working independently and make formative assessments for next steps in learning. Opportunities for children to regularly review and reflect on their own learning are woven into our curriculum.



Our text based approach to teaching English supports children in making connections with key concepts across the curriculum and creates opportunities to practise skills and fully understand concepts and ideas and embed learning.


In maths we have developed a mastery approach which means pupils acquire a deep, long term, secure, and flexible understanding of maths, which they then apply to all subjects.





The curriculum is led by the senior leadership team so there is consistency in approach across the school. Subject Leaders meet regularly with SLT, to discuss and evaluate their specific subject area and ensure a shared vision and approach. Information gleaned from assessment and regular monitoring activities in all subject areas is used to inform future developments in across school.




As a result of our well planned and implemented curriculum, we would expect the impact to be that our children:

  • achieve well – all making good progress from their starting points.
  • are motivated by their learning and talk confidently about what they have learned and recall information from previous lessons.
  • show kindness, compassion, empathy and courage
  • demonstrate a passion and thirst for learning
  • have the knowledge, skills, understanding and vocabulary that empowers them as citizens in the 21st Century
  • have access to a wide and varied curriculum, enabling each of them to excel as individuals and be the best they can be
  • have high aspirations for the future and know that these can be realised with hard work and determination
  • children are mentally and emotionally happy and resilient learners

We also expect:

  • Our families work in partnership with us to ensure their child’s journey at Dovecot is a positive one and prepares them to contribute positively to the world in which they live



What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here. For more information please speak to your child's class teacher.