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Dovecot Primary School

Learning together, growing together

Mulberry Class (Year 4)

Welcome to Year 4 - Mulberry Class

Hello, I'm Miss Wilson - it's lovely to meet you!

I'm the Year 4 Teacher at Dovecot Primary School.  Here's a little bit about me:


  • I love Disneyworld! Mickey and Minnie are my favourite characters
  • I love music, reading and horse riding.
  • I enjoy spending time with my family and friends
  • My favourite meal is a roast dinner and I love chocolate!!

Reading in Year 4...

Your child will be given a set of books and a reading diary to bring home. Your child will need to keep their reading diary and books in their book bags to bring to school every day. Your child will read with myself or Miss Ching during the week. The children will also have lots of opportunities to read and enjoy books throughout the week at school and at home.




Star of the week… 

Each Friday one child’s name will be picked from a hat and chosen to be our Star of the Week. This child will be responsible for helping with jobs in the classroom throughout the following week including taking the register with a friend and so on. 



General Reminders…

  • The children will be doing PE every Tuesday. Please ensure your child has their PE kit on
  • Any letters or reply slips, which need to be returned, can be put in your child’s book bag. The children are encouraged to check them each morning and give things in after the register.
  • Homework will be given out every Friday, which will be returned on a Monday.
  • Spellings will be handed out on a Friday, please practice them at home, as there will be a test on Monday.

Learning at Home


If your child is isolating; therefore learning from home, the class page will be updated weekly with classwork that your child can complete.


Recommended Websites:

  • Oxford Owl -
  • Top Marks -
  • TT Rockstars -
  • Purplemash -
  • Google Classroom -

Learning this term in Year 4


In English we will be looking at a story with a deep meaning, discussing the positives and negatives of animals being held in captivity. Dad, Mum and two brothers spend a day at the zoo, looking at the animals in the cages - or is it the animals that are looking at them?


In Maths we will be looking at Multiplication and Division, making connections and continuing to develop past learning in Year 3. We will also be looking at length and perimeter. 


In Science we will be focusing on Sound, exploring sound further and investigating vibrations and how sound travels.


In Humanities will be looking at Lines of latitude and longitude. Lines of latitude run around the earth like imaginary hoops and have numbers that show how many degrees north or south they are from the equator. Lines of longitude run from the top of the earth to the bottom, and divide up the earth like the segments of an orange.