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Year 5

Welcome back, it's Springtime. 

Lots of fun things planned this term:

  • Humanities - South America and Amazon Rainforest. What would you like to know? What do you already know?
  • English - yet another classic author to become familiar with - Rudyard Kipling

Plus many other interesting lessons and activities to keep your brains working hard.

Remember to keep reading your books at home. Who is left to achieve their reading certificat

Seeing as the weather is heating up remember to bring in a water bottle to keep you hydrated.

Science in the Spring!

This term we will be super scientists, learning all about The Solar System, The Moon, The Earth, and the relationship that they have with each other in regards to the The Sun.

Do you know anything about the following Scientists and the impact that they have had?

  • Aristotle (384BC - 322BC)
  • Alhazan ( 1038 AD)
  • Nicolaus Copernicus (1473AD - 1543AD)
  • Johannes Kepler (1571AD - 1630 AD)
  • Galileo (1564AD - 1642AD)




It is important that you keep practising the Year 5/6 spellings at home, as well as the weekly spellings.

Reading at home is also extremely important. Let us see if we can get all of Year 5 a reading certificate by the end of the Summer Term.


Things to Remember:

Friday = spelling test;

Tuesday = homework due;

Thursday = P.E. kits;

Daily = reading book and record card.