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Whilst schools are closed these websites will be brilliant for you to use with your children:


Twinkl - a brilliant website full of resources that you can use to find lots of interactive games and activity ideas. The website is giving parents free membership for a month. 

Once you have joined search for Year 1 Interactive Learning Links. This will give you a list of daily activities such as Reading, Writing, Maths, Science and Topic.


Mathletics - I have sent the usernames and passwords to the children's accounts - please let me know if you have not recieved these. I will be updating this regualry with new tasks for the children to complete


Purple Mash - I have sent the usernames and passwords for these accounts. The children have experience in using the resources and activities on the site. 

  • Create a collage of the wonderful activities you have been doing
  • Create a poster on how you are keeping safe during this time
  • Create a story map of a traditional tale - We started looking at Little Red Riding Hood, why not look at a new tale
  • Create a story or animation - this can be about the children's favourite story or a story that the children create


Please keep me updated of all of the things that you get up to - send me messages and pictures on Class Dojo! I can then upload them onto the class page


Keep safe!


Miss Wilson

Week Beginning 30th March Suggested Timetable






9.30 - 10am

PE with Joe



PE with Joe is live on Youtube every morning at 9am.


Read your reading book, library book or book in the house.




Starter: Choose 10 random objects in your house. Can you order them from smallest to largest?

Practice your 2's, 5's and 10 times tables


Tuesday: Main activity: We were due to start measurement, measuring objects, size, weight etc.

I have attached a worksheet that looks at getting used to the language of length and height. There are some questions that need to be completed


Wednesday: Main activity: Carrying on with measurement, the questions introduce Centimetres,

look at the image, with the ruler above measure the object in cm. 


Thursday: Main activity: Practice writing your 2 / 5 and 10 times tables - See if you can repeat

them to your family - without looking!


Friday: Main activity: Bake a Cake! I have attached a sheet in which you can complete - let me

know what measurements you need to make to bake a cake! Take a picture of your finished cake...

If you can save me a slice!


Challenge: Select some items around your home, use the ruler to measure how

long they are. Send me photos on what you have measured and how long they are.









 Practice writing some tricky words - write, cover, practice, reveal

  • what
  • some
  • come
  • when
  • were
  • there
  • said

There is a brilliant video for these - Tricky Words on YouTube from Epic Phonics




I have set you a 2do on purple mash called ‘2create a story’.

Create your own version of Little Red Riding Hood, draw images of what happens,

who the characters are and where it is set. Don't forget to narrate the story. 



Create an alterntive ending to the story


Read or Watch Little Red Riding Hood - Write a Book Report on what you liked about the story, what you did not like, who was in the story and where the story was set.


Can you think of anymore Traditional Tales? Write a list for me








Create a picture/poster showing me the detail of Spring - Look outside your window or

use a website to offer some inspiration


Create a weather report - you can draw a weeks report for me 


Watch a BBC Weather Report - see if you can create your own! Get your family to record you 

Post it to Class Dojo!



Free Play

OR Reading

Set up an obstacle course at home and see how fast you can complete it in. Get your family involved.

Record yourself reading a story and send it to me! I would love to hear you read


Picture 1

Welcome to Year 1


We have a very enjoyable term coming up filled with exciting activities. Some of these include gymnastics, learning about our bodies, Spanish and taking a journey back in time discovering what our parents' toys were like.


Today is the day we try something new, the world is ready for Year 1’s to blossom and bloom!

Let’s take a learning adventure with our body and mind, discover senses and tenses and even polar adventures.

Detective work will solve the differences between toys, old and new. Don’t forget about dressing up and acting in role too.

Throughout the seasons become confident with your numbers, be a mathematician or poet, they all walk among us!

So get ready, Line up, your year awaits! We’ll be right here, waiting at the gates.


A few things to remember:


There will be a spelling test every week.

Homework will be given out on Fridays and is to be returned on Wednesdays.

PE kits and Reading Books should be in every Thursday.


Thank you,

Miss S Wilson




Experimenting with Clay


Using the textile - Clay


In English we have been looking at the story - Stick Man. In art we decided to use clay to create our own Stick Man. The children used a variety of techniques to sculpt their Stick Man Model. It was a very messy job!



Maths Experiments


In maths we have been looking at 2D and 3D Shapes. We conducted experiments on the different qualities of the shapes and whether the shape will roll or not roll

Picture 1
Picture 2

Sleeping Beauty

Today B-Productions came into school to introduce Sleeping Beauty

Picture 1
Picture 1

Merry Christmas!

Picture 1



We have been looking at a story called "Beegu". Beegu is all about an alien that falls to earth, shes all alone and she can't talk or communicate with other people. The adults that she meets are unkind and do not help her. When Beegu comes across a school the children are kind and let her play - Beegu finally feels happy, unfortunately an adult comes along and sends Beegu away! Poor Beegu is all alone again! However unknown to Beegu there is a bright light and there flying down is Beegu's Parents! She goes home with her parents - telling them that not everyone is kind on earth but the children are! 


The children created their own Beegu world following their own imagination and predictions from the story.

Picture 1

Autumn Walk


Today we went on a Autumn Walk around our school. We explored the changes in our school environment, noticing how the trees where changing colour and some leaves had fallen from the trees. We noticed how the grass was getting water logged and muddy. We noticed that there were less flowers around our field. We were also lucky to find pine cones!

Children In Need

Children In Need 1
Today we celebrated Children In Need, by dressing up in our own clothes and bringing in a £1 donation for the Charity. We had lots of fun creating our own Pudsey Bears and our own Pudsey Eye Patches!



We are very lucky, a Yoga Teacher has been coming into school to teach the children Yoga. The children are enjoying it so much! This adds to the Yoga time that we do every afternoon after Lunch time.

Teddy Bear Yoga

Teddy Bear Yoga 1
Teddy Bear Yoga 2
Teddy Bear Yoga 3
Teddy Bear Yoga 4

Maths Fun!

Maths Fun! 1
Maths Fun! 2
Maths Fun! 3
Maths Fun! 4
Maths Fun! 5
Maths Fun! 6
Maths Fun! 7
Maths Fun! 8
Maths Fun! 9

We are Scientists!!


Over the last few weeks we have been conducting a science experiment. We were investigating to see how much rain fell over a period of two weeks. We made our own rain gauge, placed them into a suitable area to collect the water and waited to see what happens. Over the two weeks the gauge's collected 11cm and 12cm of water! Amazing! We can't wait to start our next investigation.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

In Science we have been looking at "Our Bodies". We have been exploring our senses, how our bodies work and how to keep ourselves fit and healthy. The children have been conducting smell and taste experiments, hearing, touch and looking challenges. For part of our healthy body lesson, the children made healthy versions of Pizza, using a wrap for a base, sauce and cheese. The children have enjoyed being scientists. Below are some photos of the experiments...

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

First Few Weeks...


The children have made a brilliant start to the first few weeks of the school year. The children have been experiencing new subjects such as Spanish, History and have been exploring mindfulness through Cosmic Kids Yoga.


In Spanish the children have been learning the song "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"! They are very quick learners so why not ask them to sing it to you!


The children have been busy during English and Maths and have been introduced to some new maths equipment which they are very excited to use and experiment with.


We have had a brilliant first few weeks and we cannot wait to see how the children develop over the next few months!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4