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Welcome to Reception

Both Nursery and Reception work closely together as a unit where we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We are able to access both indoor and outdoor environments and enjoy playing and learning together.

Academic Year 2018-2019

Academic Year 2018-2019 1

Summer Term


Reception have had a wonderful summer term!

We explored the topics of Growing, Pirates and Under the Sea. 


Spring Term


During the Spring term we will start using a new classroom for part of the day. During the morning session, Reception will be with Miss Cuddy and Mrs Warrilow following a more structured timetable. Each week we will base our learning and continuous provision activities around a book.


Writer of the week  Image result for writer of the week

Each week we celebrate someone in class who has blown Miss Cuddy and the other teachers away with their amazing writing skills. Well done Reegan you have used your phonic knowledge to write lots of CVC words. Reegan even attempted to write a setence completely on his own. 







We have been on a walk around the school grounds to see what different signs of spring we could spot. Whilst exploring our out door area we also used our magnifying glasses to go on an insect hunt. We found lots of different mini creatures including caperpillars, worms and ladybirds. 

"I saw a little ladybird. He was red with black spots. I found him crawling in the mud." Bella



We have been experimenting using water colours to create our own caterpillar and ladybird paintings. We used the story The Hungry Caterpillar as inspiration. "The caterpillar was very cautious. He slides along the floor like a snake." Rinoa




Guess how much I love you?

Image result for guess how much i love youThis week, Linked to Valentines Day, we have looked at the story Guess How Much I Love You. We have done lots of different activities linked to love, caring, family and friendship


" I made I love you hands for my Mummy. I love this much!" Joseph.



"I made my hands for my Dad because he always hugs me". Riley.



Dental Hygiene    Image result for change4life top tips for teeth

Today your child will be coming home with an information leaflet explaining the top three tips for keeping your kids smiling. For more information check out the parents information board on the Reception playground. 


Tip 1: Be Sugar Smart


Tip 2: See the dentist

Dental care is free for all children up to the age of 18. 


Tip 3: Get the best from your toothbrush. 




"We need to brush our teeth all the time because if they go bad they go yellow and fall out." Esmay 

Internet Safety Month

Safer internet day is celebrated globally in February each year to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for young people and inspire a national conversation. Some useful website for parents include:


Top Tips:


1. Don't speak to any strangers- Harper

2. If something pops up tell your mum and Dad- Reegan

3. If a person you don't know pops up then tell your Mum and Dad. Dont be their friend- Mason





Chinese New Year

The Year of the Boar: The Chinese New Year of the Boar began on 5 February 2019. It is year 4717 on the Chinese Calendar.

We have been practising our fine motor skills by using chopsticks up pick up different types of Chinese food. 



We have been making special cards for our friends and family. The children have been practising their handwriting skills by copying the words "Kung Hei Fat Choy" which is translated as Happy New Year!





National Storytelling Week

Image result for storytelling week 2019

Please have a look at the Oxford Owls website for some amazing storytelling videos. The repeated phrases mean the children can join in with the story. The website also provides lots of useful tips and resources to help support parents/ carers with teaching your children to read at home.



Ready, Steady, Cook!

What a wonderful morning we all had watching ready, steady, cook! We learnt all about healthy cooking and why eating healthy food is important for us. We also learnt lots of fabulous new vocabulary and at the end of the show all the children were given the opportunity to vote for their favourite dish.



When we returned to class we talked about other ways we can keep our bodies healthy. The children came up with lots of different ways that they could exercise. During outdoor provision they worked as a team to made an assault course, teach each other how to use a hoola hoop, played with the bat and ball and even practised their skipping skills. 



Physical Development


We have been practising lots of new skills such as:


                                                                                                            *Running skills

*Moving freely and in a variety of different ways   

*Experimenting with different ways of moving

*Adjusting speed and direction

*Travelling with confidence and skill

*Showing increased control over an object








Handas Surprise

During multicultural week we have been learning all about the story Handa's Surprise. We used the class globe to locate where Handa lived allowing the children to ask, discuss and explore the similarities and differences of different countries around the world. Using the story book for inspiration the children created their own African inspired artwork. They looked at exploring using different colours, textures and materials.



  Can you guess the different animals that the children have captured walking in the sunset?

Image result for Handas surprise title

African inspired music


During our music lessons the children explored the sounds made by different instruments. They listened to samples of African music to help inspire them when creating their own pieces of music. 


Whilst some children experimented with the different instruments others created their own dance routines. The children combined movement and gesture in order to express and respond to their feelings when listening to the music.


Understanding the world and people who help us.


The first week back we looked at Charlie the firefighter and learnt about all the different people in the community who help us.  The children showed an interest in different occupation's and ways of life, discussing what job they would like to do when they grow up.






Important Reminder

Can all children please bring their reading books in daily so that staff are able to read with the children on a regular basis. Books will be changed every Thursday by Mrs Thomas. Below are some useful websites to help support your children at home with developing their reading skills:

Christmas 2018

As a special treat for all the children in Reception and Nursery we went to the Atkinson Theatre in Southport to watch the play Dear Santa. At the end of the play the children got to meet Santa and were given a very special present to take home for Christmas.





Look at our amazing number work:


Remembrance Sunday













The Gruffalo: By Julia Donaldson

During October half term we asked the children to be creative and make something linked to our “Gruffalo” topic. We had some amazing creations including Gruffalo cakes, a Gruffalo carved pumpkin and character puppets. The children have used lots of different creative skills to bring their ideas to life.

Thank you to all the children who participated.









The children have been exploring using different materials to create their own masterpieces. We have been investigating what happens when we mix colours and how we can use a variety of different textures and materials to create prints. 














Marvellous Me

As well as getting to know each other, we are finding out about all our interests and what things we enjoy doing in our mini topic – 'Marvellous Me'.

We will continue through the year to look at broad themes and topics, including the seasons and celebrations, to name but a few. In these topics we will aim to follow the children’s interests and ideas, and this may lead us into other mini-topics so be sure to ask your child, and pop back to our page to see our most current learning.