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October 2020

Reception Home Learning - w/b: 19/10/2020


As Reception will be self-isolating due to the bubble closure, the learning for this week will be added here and on class dojo, to be completed at home. Scroll to find the information for our home learning below. Please share your learning with us via class dojo and we will add it under that weeks home learning. 


See you soon Team Elm!


All phonics videos and links have been sent via class dojo. Please check your messages and the class stories. 



In maths we have been exploring numbers in depth; looking at position and order, matching numeral and amount, recognising and using numbers in various ways such as the word, numeral, fingers, dice, money, time, shape. We have also begun looking at basic addition. This week we are looking at number 3. Please be sure to check the PowerPoint photos at the bottom of the planning as these visually show the activities. 

Monday - introduction to number 3 (slide 1) 

Using objects and items from around the house, how many ways can you find to represent three? Can you make a three display? Can you make your own number blocks 1,2,3?


Tuesday - 2D shapes

Play the shape monsters and shape pattern games -

Looking at a square, circle, rectangle and triangle (you can draw these or use photos) can you find which shape belongs in your three display? How do you know? Can you explain your reasoning? 


Wednesday - ordering numbers and addition with 3 (slide 2)

Write numbers 0-10 on individual pieces of paper, you can do this with an adult to help with you number formation. Jumble the numbers up, can you order the numbers correctly? Start with 0-5 and then try 0-10. 

Using a set of three objects how many ways can you add to make three? 


Thursday - 1 more 1 less

See the PowerPoint slides 3 and 4.


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