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Monday 4th October, 2021


EVERY DAY IN SCHOOL COUNTS!!!! Did you know that the national target for attendance is 97% but that last year the whole school attendance at Dovecot was only 94.2% This is significantly below where we need to be and I'm sure you understand why we are working so hard as a school to improve this. Missing a day here or there might not seem like much, but here are some statistics that might surprise you...


  • A child with 88% attendance is absent from school for 23 days, which is over 4 school weeks.
  • A child with 92% attendance is absent from school for 15 days, which is 3 school weeks.


As well as this, being late on a regular basis can also have a huge impact on learning:


If in a school year your child is late every day by...Your child would have lost approximately...Or they would have missed approximately...

5 minutes

10 minutes

15 minutes

20 minutes

30 minutes

3.5 days from school

7 days from school

10 days from school

14days from school

21 days from school

20 lessons

41 lessons

55 lessons

82 lessons

123 lessons


This is why we work so hard to improve attendance across the school!


This week marks the start of our attendance week where we are rewarding excellent attendance. We have also received an incredible amount of entries in our 'Design a School Attendance Mascot' competition and will be announcing the winning entry soon.


Please visit this page regularly to see just how much our attendance improves this year and all of the fun activities that we have planned.