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Year 6 Prefect Team

Our Senior Prefect Team for this year:

Head Boy : Adriano Farruggio

Head Girl: Ruby Whewell

Deputy Head Prefect: Alyssa Riley

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I am in Year 6. I like going to school because I can see all of my friends.

My hobbies are playing football and helping people.

I am going to make sure I am a good Head Boy.



I am in Year 6. I like handwriting and spelling.

My hobbies are helping people when they need it.

I want to make sure that I make everyone happy this year as Head Girl.



I am in Year 6. I really like Maths and English.

My hobbies are helping teachers around the school.

I really want to improve my handwriting this year and I am looking forward to doing a good job as Deputy Head Prefect.

The Senior Prefect Team met with Mrs Honey to have a chat about the year ahead. The team have some great plans, including organising a fun maths day, an environment day, ideas for fundraising, to name but a few!

We have also planned to visit the Prefect Team over at Blueberry Park to share ideas, and they will be coming over to us too!

We will keep you updated with all of our news on this page!