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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4’s class page.



We are continuing to work hard this year, as well as putting our mindfulness skills into practice and having lots of fun, I hope!


Our first topic this term will be Roman Britain – it would be great if the children could do some research into this at home over the next few weeks.


All Year 4 children will be learning the guitar this year; lessons will be every Friday afternoon. Let’s see if we have any budding superstars amongst us!


As always, we ask that you encourage your child to read as much as possible at home – both their home/school reading books and books of their own choosing. Every time you read with your child, please mark it in their reading diaries – we’re hoping to give out a record number of Gold reading awards this year.


P.E. will be each Tuesday and children must have their kits in on this day. Spellings and other homework will usually be given out on Wednesdays, to be brought in on Mondays, when there will also be a spelling test.


We will be keeping you up to date throughout the year with lots of photographs and will be holding events that parents and families can get involved in – we look forward to seeing you all!


Miss Buckle, Miss Weston and Miss Pape

Picture 1

We're over halfway through the school year and time has flown by! The children have worked very hard and have made lots of progress so far - I am so proud of them. Here are some of the fun learning activities we have been getting up to.


In Science we found out all about the digestive system and our teeth. We did an experiment to find out how different drinks affect our teeth. We used hard-boiled eggs as the shell is similar to tooth enamel. These pictures show what we found out - you might be surprised by the results.

Picture 1 Milk
Picture 2 Diet Coke
Picture 3 Coke
Picture 4 Pure orange juice
Picture 5 Water
In Maths we explored fractions, equivalent fractions and decimal fractions, and had a great lesson using Smarties to think about numerators and denominators and ordering fractions.
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3 Placing on an imaginary number line
Picture 4 We even got to eat them!

Homework booklet