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A very warm welcome to Year 3’s class page.


We hope you will enjoy looking through our class page here on the school website and finding out about all the exciting things the children will be learning about this year, from discovering about the Ancient Egyptians in History to 'how does your garden grow' in Science! I am looking forward to seeing the children willingly learn with a positive attitude and I hope they will make some lasting memories whilst in Year 3.


Some things to remember:

  • Tuesday: PE Kit
  • Friday: Spelling Test and Homework returned
  • Reading books should be brought in every day.


Mr. Forrest



As the Autumn term draws to a close here is a  review of the work we have done. As you can see  Year 3 have been very busy this term.
In Maths this term we started off by looking at place value of numbers and how to partition numbers. After that, we moved towards addition and subtraction of numbers. After half term we looked at various methods for multiplication and division. Here are a few photos of us using concrete resources that helped us have a hands on approach to the methods we had been taught.
In Topic we have been studying Ancient Egypt, including how mummies were made. We attempted to wrap up our own mummy! In music we created a dance and sang a song about the Ancient Egyptians.

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Still image for this video
In Science we have spent time looking at how different rocks are formed. This was a very hands on afternoon as you can see!
PE has been spent in the hall developing our co-ordination and balancing skills
Other highlights of this term have been getting dressed up in 'spots' for Children in Need and having a visitor from the PDSA, who talked to us about keeping pets. We also visited the Neptune Theatre to see Jungle Book, which we all enjoyed. Film Club, Art Club and School Choir have also been very popular with Year 3 this term.

Spring Term 


Spring  Term  is well underway and the children have been very busy in all subjects.

In Maths we have been looking at fractions and using Cuisenaire Rods as our concrete resources so that the children can physically make and compare fractions. We then moved on to different units of measurement. We started off by measuring length of objects, some of which were measured in millimetres, some in centimetres and some in metres. We then measured the perimeter of different 2D shapes and we did this outside in the playground as the sun was shining. We  are also looking at money and how to add and subtract amounts of money so that we can work out how much change we should receive when we go shopping! We have been doing this in a practical context so that we are use to handling money.

Our book this term has been Bill's New Frock and this has led into the writing of letters, diary entries and also how to use inverted commas for when dialogue has been used.

The Science topic this term is Light and we are looking at our biggest light source, the sun, and the question is how does the sun affect our skin?

In Geography we are studying the United Kingdom, this includes the countries and counties in the UK. We are using this topic as an opportunity for cross curriculum therefore in computers we are researching Liverpool so that we can produce an information PowerPoint on the 'History of Liverpool.' 

Two pupils from Year 3 and three pupils from Year 4 this term represented the school in an inter-school gymnastics competition. Coming in at a very respectable 3rd place considering it was our first competition.

During Spring Term we have been taught sign language by two teachers from Hands, a local charity who go around schools introducing sign language to school children. Year 3 have worked very hard learning how to sign and it culminated in giving a whole school assembly conducted in sign language. Children signed their favourite colours, food, subjects, pets and drinks as well as dancing whilst signing to three songs!