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Year 2

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Welcome to Year 2


Hello! As I'm sure you are aware, Year 2 is an important year as it will be the last year of your child's Key Stage 1 education at Dovecot Primary School, and they will sit KS1 SATS. Attendance is critical for all of us, nobody can afford to miss a day! Don't forget the initiative which means that the class with the best attendance each week is rewarded with toast. It is so important, and not just for the tasty snack!

To support them further, we believe that listening to children read is vital. Children are expected to read from their school library book every night: parents/guardians can record their child’s progress in their reading record books. Together, we need to challenge every child to read widely, and often. How many can earn Bronze or Silver reading awards this term, or move up to the next colour in the reading scheme?


English: over the course of the term the children will be looking at various writing genre including;

* instructions * recounts* reports.

Before beginning to write their own pieces in the style, the children will analyse texts of each genre to become familiar with the standard features.


Grammar, spelling and handwriting feature throughout. For this group, clear well organised presentation will have a strong focus.


You can help your child by practising their spelling words at home. Do focus on the Y2 list of words, which is in their Homework Diary, as the weekly spelling results show this is an area for development. Thank you for encouraging them to read as much as possible: it all helps!


Mathematics: new learning will include identifying, represent and estimate numbers using different representations, including the number line.

Continuous objectives:

* addition and subtraction * multiplication and division *reasoning to solve multi-step problems *statistics *fractions *geometry * measurement.






Please remember that I am always available after school to discuss any concerns, or questions, that you may have.



Reminders – cut me out and stick me on the fridge.


  • class homework (We are introducing a new homework topic which the children can do over a few weeks) but we will still have weekly spellings;
  • reading (every night if possible as this is so important);
  • games kit on Thursday ( suitable footwear and school P.E. kit, rather than football strips please).


Mr S Nichols