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Please visit this page every week to find out who has been awarded 'Writer of the Week' certificates and badges!


WEEK ENDING 14th December 2018

Year 1:Eva-May McDonald

Year 2: Lottie Dwyer

Year 3: Penny-May Jones

Year 4: Reagan Woods

Year 5: Safeyyah Imam

Year 6: Thomas Moore

Picture 1 David Sliva Y3
Picture 2 Stephanie Bangura Y3
Picture 3 Sadie Carroll Y1
Picture 4 Bobby Macklin Y2
Picture 5 Lucas Done Y1
Picture 6 Ruby Whewell Y6
Picture 7 Lily Taylor Y5
Picture 8 Natalie Jasiokowa Y6
Picture 9 Charisma Coatsworth Y6
Picture 10 Ziana Latif Y6
Picture 11 Theofilia Joseph Y3
Picture 12 Jayden Nzuobontane Y2
Picture 13 Olivia Malonga Y2
Picture 14 Sienna Moore Y2
Picture 15 Mason Alexander Reception class
Picture 16 Jaxon Donald Reception class
Picture 17 Alyssa Riley Y5
Picture 18 Lottie-Mae Dwyer Y1
Picture 19 Thomas O'Toole Y1
Picture 20 Daisy Cox Y1
Picture 21 Ava Taylor Reception class
Picture 22 Nicole Riley Y1
Picture 23 Daisy Cox Y1
Picture 24 Lily Taylor Y4
Picture 25 Halle Clegg Y6
Picture 26 Ruby Whewell Y5
Picture 27 Halle Challoner Y1
Picture 28 Halle O Toole Y6
Picture 29 Halle O Toole Y6
Picture 30 Joshua Johnson Reception
Picture 31 Thomas Moore Y5