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Interested in being a school Governor?

Dovecot Primary School is looking for enthusiastic community-minded individuals who may be interested in joining our team of School Governors. The role of a School Governor is a very important one, with many responsibilities, but it can also provide a great deal of satisfaction in the knowledge that you are supporting the staff and pupils of Dovecot School in their aims to deliver the best possible education.

The Purpose and Role of a Governing Body
The purpose and role of our Governing body is to help Dovecot School provide the best possible education for its pupils by:

  • Setting the school’s values, vision and strategic aims, agreeing plans and policies and making the best use of our resources
  • Monitoring and evaluating the schools’ performance and supporting the Headteacher in managing the school
  • Ensuring that our school is accountable to our children and their parents, to its local community and to those who fund it, maintain it and work in it.
Being a school governor is about ensuring that the school is well managed, and NOT about managing it. The Headteacher has a responsibility to give governors the information they need to help the school raise its standards.
What Dovecot school is looking for in a Governor
There are a number of skills needed to make up a Governing body – these include being literate and numerate, having good communication and interpersonal skills, the ability to analyse and interpret a wide range of data and evidence, and a realistic understanding of what is needed in their school.
We recognise that not all Governors will have all of those skills, but we expect all our Governors to show the following:
  • Commitment to all our children
  • Willingness to engage in training
  • Willingness to look beyond our own school
  • Be a good team worker
  • A commitment to meet the demands of the role of Governor

Time Commitment
So how much of my time would be taken up by being a Governor at Dovecot School?
At Dovecot School we encourage our Governors to visit the school so that they can get to know the school, its staff and pupils. However, we recognise that people have other demands on their time too. The minimum requirements for a Governor at this school are:
·         You will be required to attend one full Governor’s meeting each term (there are three terms).
·         You will be expected to join at least one sub-committee with responsibility for a specific area within the school (for example, Curriculum, Resources) and attend at least one sub-committee meeting each term. Wherever possible, we will allow you to choose which sub-committee you wish to join, so if you feel you have a particular area of expertise, we would make use of that with the appropriate sub-committee.
·         You will be expected to take responsibility for one “Subject” (for example, Literacy, Numeracy, the Arts) as a Link Governor and meet with the appointed member of staff, who is that subject co-ordinator, at least once a term – again, if you feel you have a particular area of expertise or interest, we would encourage you in that field.
·         You will be encouraged to attend training courses to develop your role as a School Governor – these are paid for by the school and take place in evenings and at week-ends as well as during the day, to accommodate anyone who is working.

These are the minimum requirements, but additional visits, for example, school concerts, nativity plays and other school functions are encouraged, but not expected.

If you feel that you could meet the minimum commitments and would like to support Dovecot School, we would like to hear from you. Please contact the school’s Clerk to the Governors, Mrs Anne Whitelaw, via the school office for more information, on 2594065